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Are Smart Cards the New Cash?

Cold, hard cash is an endangered species. Smart cards and smart phones are slowly taking the place of cash. The day is coming when you'll never carry the green folding stuff again.

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Geek Pro

Digital pen lives up to its promise

Livescribe's Pulse Smartpen is a space-age device that stores your notes as you write them and records your conversations.

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Three Ways To…

Use your Nintendo DS for more than just gaming…

If you're just playing games, you're not exploring the full potential of a Nintendo DS. Fans of the handheld are capitalizing on its capabilities. Here are three creative uses.

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Recent Features

GPS Mashups That Matter

GPS systems offer far more than turn-by-turn directions these days as they marry their location technology with traffic data, restaurant information, eco-friendly routes, and more.

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Company Computer Dos and Don'ts

It's easy to forget your employer has access to your company-issued laptop and gadgets. Here's how to be cautious when sending personal messages on work equipment to protect the company and yourself.

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GPS Systems That Give Traffic Reports

Real-time traffic reporting is headed your way. But will the trade-off mean compromising your privacy?

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Can't Live Without My…

Roku Netflix player

"With the Roku player, the value for Netflix customers who have broadband can't be beat."

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Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R

Radeon 4890

Conficker Virus

Goliathus Mouse Pad

Hard Drive Destruction

OLPC=The Next Newton?

QPAD Gaming Mousepad

FSP BoosterX 5

Fusion Side Marker

eStarling ImpactV

Itami FiTrainer

Patriot WARP 128GB

Cyber Snipa 5.1

Game Bag 2.1

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